Billionaire Tilman Fertitta’s Book ‘Shut Up and Listen!’ Will Help You Succeed in Business and Life

The Houston Rockets owner’s new book is aimed at making you more successful.

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For billionaire mogul Tilman Fertitta–who owns the Houston Rockets, Golden Nugget Casinos and the Landry’s restaurant empire–creating an impactful legacy has been the driving force of his professional career.

Accordingly, his new book Shut up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths That Will Help You Succeed, provides an in-depth look inside what it takes to build a hospitality empire and build the personal character needed to sustain the business, live a well-rounded life, and inspire others.

“Being in the restaurant and hospitality industries is fun, challenging and keeps you at the top of your game, plus it’s an opportunity to serve millions of customers and interact with the public regularly,” Tilman says. 

“Though I have made my mark in the restaurant and hospitality industries, Shut Up and Listen! isn’t just for people engaged in those worlds. Although much of what I write seems geared towards someone who is new in business, or trying to get to the next level in business or on the corporate ladder, I also believe what I have learned can apply to the way people conduct their personal lives as well.”

Tilman is the quintessential American dream. Starting out with a single restaurant location in the small town of Katy, Texas and quickly expanding into a multi-level franchise conglomerate that currently serves millions of Americans every day through Landry’s, which encompasses a vast empire of 600 restaurants, hotels, amusement parks and aquariums.

But for Fertitta, the endgame seems to go further, as he is not content with merely running a hospitality powerhouse. His transcending aim is to inspire and cultivate new generations of aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing valuable insights and educating up and comers through his unique approach.

The legendary businessman (currently ranked at #153 on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans) is willing to share priceless insights with up-and coming entrepreneurs, and his new book Shut Up and Listen! provides an invaluable view into the mind of a self-made tycoon, facilitating a proven roadmap for success, while remaining honest and straightforward about the trials and tribulations that come with blazing trails and opening new paths.

Shut Up and Listen! is divided into six sections, each providing powerful strategies to help business owners break through to the next level – as well as illuminating key blind spots that can kill even a currently thriving venture if owners, despite their best intentions, are not aware of them.

“To me,” he writes, “the definition of hospitality is simple. It’s however you handle a customer. Nothing more, nothing less—how you treat him or her, how you respond to what he or she asks for, and your ability (and willingness) to stay flexible. 

“The ultimate goal of interacting with a customer is to make them feel like they are the only customer you have in the entire world. Why? Because as I tell my own employees, there are no spare customers.”

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