Tinder Launches ‘Spring Break’ Mode to Promote Vacation Hookups

“It’s time to find your vacay-bae.”

Las Vegas Promo
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Tinder wants to help beach-bound vacationers from all over the U.S. find a fling with “Spring Break” mode. 

The pseudo-dating service’s new feature will allow users enrolled in Tinder U—a college student-only version of the app—see and swipe on others who are traveling to the same destination over spring break

Per Tinder’s website, here’s how it works: 

Get on Tinder and look for the Spring Break card. From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where.

We’ll show you the location your potential matches are headed right on their profiles, so you can match and chat.

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According to The Verge, only the following sun-soaked locations will be supported: Cabo, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Puerto Vallarta, San Diego, Puerto Rico and Lake Havasu, Arizona. 

Spring Break mode will be live from March 4 to March 31, so many users will be able to start matching ahead of their trip. 

“We’ve historically seen huge upticks in Tinder usage during Spring Break in these destinations, and we are excited to give users the unique experience to connect before they pack their bags,” Tinder exec Jenny Campbell said in a statement. 

Happy swiping!