Marcus Blandin And Francis Volpe Share 3 Critical Insights To Reinvent Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy needs to be more than “I can help you.” It needs to say, “There is still hope for you.”

Marcus Blandin & Francis Volpe
Courtesy of DN News Desk

Marcus Blandin and Francis Volpe have a service people want. But these successful entrepreneurs stand out conspicuously thanks to highly effective marketing strategies. Here, the duo shares three powerful ways to reinvent your marketing strategy.

Put Your Mission Front and Center

You are not only advertising your business; you are also advertising why people should choose your business. Marcus Blandin and Francis Volpe offer more than their core products and services. 

Both of these gentlemen are on a mission to make financially oppressed people self-sufficient to improve the socio-economic well-being of entire communities. Blandin and Francis suggest putting your brand’s mission clearly in the marketing strategy to create the best brand persona.

Spread Hope

Hope is a powerful and underused tool. Your marketing strategy needs to be more than “I can help you.” It needs to say, “There is still hope for you.” People often need more than help; they need to reclaim their lives and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes. Essentially, they need a teacher who believes in them. 

Blandin and Francis market themselves as not just teachers but coaches and a wealth of information. Both of their marketing strategies focus on empowerment, something else the downtrodden require.

Give Back

Social consciousness is more important now than it ever was. Consumers are looking for companies that give back and then make further buying decisions based on the causes a company supports. Blandin and Francis market themselves as philanthropists with a strong desire to give back to the communities they assist. 

Blandin has helped over 50 girls receive more than $3 million in scholarship funds, plus he is a board member for several non-profits. His unique role is teaching financial literacy to entire communities.

On the other hand, Francis is fueled by things such as more free time, fiscal comfort, and future investments such as education. Francis has a strong desire to help families build legacies, something they cannot do living paycheck to paycheck.

Blandin and Francis come across as experts who have a vested interest in the well-being of their clients, not flashy salesmen. In showing potential clients they want to build a mutually beneficial relationship, they are more likely to be perceived as problem solvers. And perception is the final element in a successful marketing strategy.