Tomi Lahren Shares Sexy Patriotic Selfies After She Gets Attacked While Eating Brunch

Someone threw water at the Fox News pundit, and people have opinions about it.

Tomi Lahren Promo
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Tomi Lahren got into hot water during a family brunch this week, and she’s working through the subsequent controversy with sexy selfies.ย ย 

In case you missed it, an angry patron at a Minneapolis restaurant threw a glass of water on the conservative firebrand in a viral video.ย 

In a second clip, multiple people can be heard yelling “fuck that bitch” before Lahren exits the the premises. Hmmm, hopefully at least the Eggs Benedict was good.ย 

Critics and supporters alike were quick to argue over the brunch brouhaha. The controversial Fox News pundit responded by sporting a star-spangled hoodie and snapping a sexy selfie for her Instagram followers, aka”#TeamTomi.”

“Sometimes you rise from the ashes. Other times, you create them. Be the whole fire,” she wrote. “Thanks to #TeamTomi and @realdonaldtrump and even a few of my harshest critics for having my back.ย I appreciate you!”ย 

Lahren also addressed the Twittersphere, saying, “Iโ€™m tough and I can handle it.”ย ย 

Reactions have been all over the board. Predictably, her detractors said she deserved it while her fans offered support and encouragement.ย

Others poked fun at the slightness of the “physical assault.” A few of Lahren’s critics even said she deserved better treatment.ย

What will Tomi do next? Probably post more selfies!ย

h/t: Yahoo