These Are the Top 20 Party Schools in the Country

Did your college make the list?

(Photo: YouTube)

The Princeton Review is back with its ranking of the best universities in the country.

No, the list is not based on the rigor of the academics or credentials of the faculty. That’d be the U.S. News & World Report one.

This is the all-important ranking of the top 20 party schools, based entirely on students’ answers to survey questions. 

Students were polled on use of alcohol and drugs at their school, number of hours they study each day outside of class and the popularity of fraternities and sororities on their campus. (Lots of drugs and alcohol + minimal studying = party school status.)

Here, the top 20 party schools in the United States:

  1. University of Delaware — Newark, DE

  2. West Virginia University — Morgantown, WV

  3. Tulane University — New Orleans, LA

  4. Syracuse University — Syracuse, NY

  5. Bucknell University — Lewisburg, PA

  6. Lehigh University — Bethlehem, PA

  7. University of Cal-Santa Barbara — Santa Barbara, CA

  8. University of Wisconsin-Madison — Madison, WI

  9. Colgate University — Hamilton, NY

  10. University of Rhode Island — Kingston, RI

  11. University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa — Tuscaloosa, AL

  12. University of Vermont — Burlington, VT

  13. Providence College — Providence, RI

  14. Wake Forest University — Winston-Salem, NC

  15. Union College (NY) — Schenectady, NY

  16. University of Maine — Orono, ME

  17. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — Urbana, IL

  18. University of Florida — Gainesville, FL

  19. Florida State University — Tallahassee, FL

  20. Sonoma State University — Rohnert Park, CA

h/t Delaware Online