These Are The 20 Most In-Demand Jobs That Pay Over $100,000

Read this if you want to make bank.



For most people, life goes a little something like this: we’re born, we work a mundane and mediocre job, and then we gently expire.

Others, though, get lucky and find a fantastic job that pays them a totally decent amount of money, so that they can live successful and prosperous lives and be happy.

And just which jobs allow people to have fantastic financial security? Something in the medical field, perhaps? Law? Business? What??

In order to figure out the most in-demand and well-paying jobs in the country, Glassdoor looked through America’s top job searches of the past 30 days, and picked out the ones that received over 1,000 searches.

So, if you want to make $100,000-plus a year (and you’re qualified), you might want to consider taking up one of these professions:

1. Creative Manager – $112,000
2. IT Manager – $118,000
3. Data Scientist – $110,000
4. Supply Chain Manager – $102,000
5. Pharmacist – $120,000
6. Procurement Manager – $104,000
7. Finance Manager – $118,000
8. Medical Science Liaison – $140,000
9. Engineering Manager – $145,000
10. Patent Attorney – $150,000
11. Management Consultant – $110,000
12. Technology Manager – $140,000
13. Product Marketing Manager – $116,000
14. Product Manager – $110,00
15. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager – $115,000
16. Design Manager – $108,500
17. Software Engineering Manager – $150,000
18. Hardware Engineer – $110,000
19. Technical Project Manager – $100,000
20. Software Engineer – $100,000

Making over $100K a year sounds nice, right? Right. 

But obviously, all of these jobs require a degree or two, mostly in the sciences, thereby making life just peachy for all those nerds out there who studied something like math or computer science in college, and a nightmare for those who majored in philosophy, or literature, or any other useless subject. 

H/T: Thrillist