WATCH: Teens Push a Car Down Stairs, For Some Reason

It looks fun for everyone but the car.
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Teens in Brussels, Belgium decided normal New Year's Eve partying wasn't enough for them this year. No, they took it up a notch and we have their video to show for it. With all the excited yelling you'd expect, these kids launched a compact car down a couple of flights of steps in a Brussels train station. 

There were no reports of any injuries, which seems like a minor miracle, given the location and timing. 

Brussels police arrested one person in connection with the wild act of vehicular vandalism, though that doesn't sound like much of a victory when it clearly took a village to send the little green coupe on its way. 

Brussels's subway system must have some great work crews, though—ABC 7 reported the train station had re-opened for business by Friday, Jan. 1.