Watch This BMW Turn Into a Real-Life ‘Transformer’ Robot

Make room in the garage for this thing.

An intrepid Turkish company has designed a driveable BMW 3-series that can morph into a freaky Transformers-style humanoid machine at the touch of a button. 

Mental Floss gives us the the geeked-out details:

Dubbed “Letrons,” the car-bot is obviously paying homage to the Transformers, Hasbro’s long-running toy and feature film franchise.

Unlike those CGI and plastic counterparts, however, Letrons transforms very, very slowly and cannot walk or shoot weapons, though it will belch smoke to confuse your enemies. It’s also a non-passenger vehicle that can be driven only at modest speeds via radio control.

The prototype seen in the oddly riveting video above is set to eventually become a mass-market machine available to deep-pocketed collectors. 

We have to admit, we already kind of want one.