Here’s How To Get Paid to Travel the World and Drink Gin

Yes, this is an actual job.

Gin Fizz.jpg

Most gins are neutral spirits with added botanicals like juniper and cardamom. This simple description, however, doesn’t really explain the strange hold this particular clear liquor has on cocktail lovers all over the world. There’s an elegance and mystery about gin that lends itself to deeper exploration. 

So it seems only natural that someone in the United Kingdom—home to a veritable ocean of good gin—has come up with a job that’s pretty much just traveling and sampling new gins and gin-based concoctions.

ILoveGin is a British club with one purpose—finding “your perfect G&T.” They’ve created the job title “gintern,” and the gintern has one wonderful purpose:

The gintern will get to travel around the UK and parts of Europe discovering new gins to work with and of course sampling them! The role is flexible so you can work from home but you will need to travel, one day you might be up in Edinburgh tasting a new craft gin, the next going to a launch event in London for a new tonic water. Be sure to check out our gin club and our gin gifts to get an idea of what we do.

This lucky drinker will contribute to ILoveGin’s blog and will be paid just over $26,000 (USD) for their work. That’s not exactly new BMW money but it’s also not too shabby if you think “paid gin aficionado” might look pretty sweet on your résumé. 

Of course, the catch is that applicants need to be UK residents. There’s always hope some similar American outfit has an identical idea. Until that happens we’ll content ourself with just drinking gin for fun and its added benefit of making us forget all about it the next day.

h/t Travel+Leisure