Here's All the Crazy Stuff the TSA Confiscated This Holiday Season

It's the most murderous time of the year.
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The Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) is tasked with keeping us safe when we travel inside (and outside) of the United States. Their Instagram account, however, is tasked with showing us all the horrifying things people try to bring onto airplanes.

With airports jam-packed during the holiday season — experts estimate that 38.1 million Americans, or 10% of the population, travel between the week of Christmas and New Year's — the TSA is on high alert to ensure that we make it home for the holidays without being shot, stabbed, or blown to pieces. But somehow, a handful travelers don't seem to get the message that no, you can't fly with a bladed throwing weapon or Christmas lights made out of shotgun shells.

Here's a collection of all the crazy shit people decided to fly with this holiday season. Please, for the love of God, leave the hand grenades at home next time.

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