Uber is Cracking Down on People Having Drunken Sex In Their Cars

This is apparently a huge problem…

Uber's newly posted guidelines forbid sex between passengers and with drivers
Take A Pix Media/Getty Images

Uber really wants their service to help get you a ride…but only in the transportation sense.

Their recently posted Community Guidelines iterate a no sex rule—which applies both to drivers and fellow passengers, either in the same party or using their UberPOOL service.

Beyond actually hooking up, they also forbid verbal flirting, as well as abusive language, inappropriate gestures and smacking drivers on the head. Seems fair enough, right?

Beyond sex and flirting, Uber's guidelines forbid other naughty behaviors
Beyond sex and flirting, Uber’s guidelines forbid other naughty behaviors

Along similar lines, they strongly discourage the breaking of laws (speeding, open container, drugs, etc.) and personal property, including intentionally or otherwise wrecking the vehicle itself.

In other words, consider your Uber ride part of the real world and try to control yourself. Or prepare to have your ride sharing privileges revoked. 

Something to consider as we draw ever closer to New Year’s Eve.