Want To Have More Sex? Just Hang Out With Uglier People

Squad goals.
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(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Thanks to psychology, we’re able to tell you an incredibly simple way to look even hotter than you already are, and score more ladies than you already do, you handsome stud.

All you have to do is hang out with some total uggos, and you’ll have all the hunnies riding your D-train in no time! I know, I know. It sounds a little mean, but it’s the harsh reality of life. Sometimes you have to be an asshole to reach the finer things.

Before I begin explaining the inner machinations of this, here’s a quick lesson in psychology. There’s something called the “ugly friend effect.” That’s definitely not what it’s called in the scientific realm, but we’ll just call it that for now. 

The ugly friend effect states that people look exponentially hotter when flanked by an army of less attractive individuals. For example, just imagine Kate Upton going out for drinks with the mom jeans squad below:

She's already smokin' hot, but she'd look even hotter in the midst of all those mom jeans. See where I'm going with this?

A recent study at the Royal Holloway University in London proved the validity of this savage theory, suggesting that life is even more ruthless than we previously thought.

In the study, researchers recruited 40 participants and asked them to rate the attractiveness of various faces. Then, participants were shown a “distractor face” a.k.a. a downright ugly face, and were asked to reevaluate the initial faces.

The results of the experiment showed that after seeing the distractor face, the initial faces were rated significantly higher than before, meaning that hanging out with sinfully ugly friends is the right way to live your life.   

Well, Zoolander, it's so that you can seem more attractive. 

Well, Zoolander, it's so that you can seem more attractive. 

“Rightly or wrongly, the way people look has a profound impact on the way others perceive them,” lead researcher Nicholas Furl said in a statement.

Long story short, you should start going out with an uglier crowd if you want to be the hot one in your social circle. However, keep in mind that this just might backfire, because karma is a bitch.  

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