Army Chief Warns America’s Enemies: ‘We Will Beat You Harder Than You Have Ever Been Beaten Before’

Find out why our military is so confident about kicking enemy ass.


At the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley made a very tough statement meant for our enemies’ ears—America can still kick ass.

A report quoted Milley, who said, “I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm. The United States military—despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing—we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.”

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In his address to the Association, Milley reportedly admitted that the Armed Forces are “being challenged and our alliances tested in ways that we haven’t faced in many, many decades.” 

According to Milley, the fight against terrorism is to blame for enemy advances that have made outlaw nations more dangerous. “Russia, Iran, China, North Korea—went to school on us,” he said in part, “They studied our doctrine, our tactics, our equipment, our organization, our training, our leadership. And, in turn, they revised their own doctrines, and they are rapidly modernizing their military today to avoid our strengths in hopes of defeating us at some point in the future.” reports Milley also warned a future conflict with a strong adversary such as Russia might “be highly lethal” and akin to the immensely bloody battles fought in World War II. 

He went on to describe a future American military that would be divided into smaller, more nimble formations ready “to project power into contested theaters” and “fight in highly populated urban areas…”

Milley believes American forces can maintain rapid deployment ability and perhaps most importantly, still be able to “destroy any enemy anywhere, any time.” 

With tensions rising in nuclear powered states like India and Pakistan and America’s relationship with Russia currently as cold as a dip in a Siberian lake, it’s good to know no one’s asleep at the wheel regarding the need to be ready for whatever may come.