U.S. Surgeon General Asks Kylie Jenner For Help In Fight Against Coronavirus

“We need to get Kylie Jenner and social media influencers out there in helping folks understand that this is absolutely serious. People are dying.”

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U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said in a Thursday morning appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America that “we…need to get our influencers” involved to help defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic, and he specifically mentioned billionaire Instagram and reality television star Kylie Jenner.

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Surgeon General Adams’s statement wasn’t frivolous at all, just well informed, reports the Post. “We need to get Kylie Jenner and social media influencers out there,” he continued, “in helping folks understand that look, this is serious, this is absolutely serious. People are dying.”

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He underscored his meaning by pointing out that his 14 and 15-year-old kids are more likely to register a message coming from a celeb like Jenner. “The more I tell them not to do something,” Adams said, “the more they want to do it.”

According to the Surgeon General, young people are more likely to ignore quarantine and social distancing measures even though they are just as vulnerable to catching a severe case of COVID-19. “We are seeing new data from Italy,” he said, “that suggests that young people may be at higher risk than what we previously thought.” 

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

For her part, Jenner took to Instagram to address being self-quarantined due to the virus spread in Southern California.

“Another daily reminder to take this social distancing serious and self-quarantine,” Jenner said in an Instagram story, “I’m on day 8. my pregnancy prepared me for this. I didn’t leave the house for months.” 

In a previous story she posted a few days ago, Jenner wrote, “I hope everyone is feeling well! it’s so important right now to self-quarantine to ensure we aren’t endangering ourselves or anyone who can’t handle this virus.”


It looks like she didn’t even need to hear a request from the nation’s chief medical officer to go ahead and do the right thing and make sure her followers know that for now, they need to stay home.