Every Lawyer in Utah Just Received This Picture of Naked Breasts from the State Bar

It was a good day to be an attorney.


Photos: Getty Images, Utah State Bar

Yesterday, March 5th, was a seemingly average Monday for everyone in the United States…except for every lawyer in Utah, who were all accidentally sent a picture of a topless woman by the State Bar. Or should I say the State Bra.

Here’s what happened: When unassuming attorneys heard the notification ding of a new email and saw it was from the Utah State Bar with the subject “2018 Spring Convention Walk-Ins Welcome! Learn How!” they probably groaned at another boring work email but opened it anyway. And when they did, they were blessed with an uncensored picture of boobs. Nice

Ready to feel like a lawyer? Here we go! Fair warning, though, this picture is NSFW:

The credit for this is great. (Photo: Utah State Bar) 

Well done, Utah! If only we could all get such professional and titillating work emails. Hah, get it? Titillating?

Understandably, everyone on the receiving end absolutely loved this booby trap of an email, and I don’t blame them. This is amazing. I bet this one email made all those years of law school worth it. 



But while the lawyers thoroughly enjoyed the Bar’s epic blunder, whoever is responsible for crafting the email probably did something like this the second he realized he’d accidentally attached his titty porn on there:

Bar communications director Matt Page told the Salt Lake Tribune that he is “aware of the situation.” Well, Matt, I hate the break it to you, but every single lawyer in Utah plus the entire internet is aware of the situation. 

“We are horrified,” John Baldwin, executive director of the Bar, told FOX 13. “We are investigating to discover how this occurred. Our goal is to find out what happened and ensure it never happens again.”

Well, RIP to the poor soul who put the boobs in the email and is about to get his ass handed to him, but honestly, I kind of hope it does happen again, because it’s funny.

H/T: Huffington Post