How This 21 Year Old Became Instagram's Millennial 'Vape God' and Started Smoking Up With Drake

Watch his insane smoke tricks here.

For every generation of bros who swear they can blow the dopest smoke rings in all the land, there can be only one "Vape God."

GQ just unveiled a profile of the millennial generation's Chosen One, a gangly 21-year-old by the name of Austin Lawrence.

But Lawrence is no slacking stoner who wastes hours a day messing around at his local vape shop. Sure, he does that... but miraculously, he also seems to have learned to defy the laws of gravity and aerodynamics to blow some of the most insane and complicated smoke rings ever captured on film.

Videos of his crazy smoke trips, which are usually set to rap music, have garnered him 320,000 followers, and even landed him an invite to Drake's Los Angeles mansion.

GQ includes a play-by-play of how Drake and The Vape God joined forces.

A few months ago, Drake, a rapper, posted one of Lawrence's videos on @champagnepapi. Upon learning that Drake was following him on Instagram—"I go to his page and search my name and I'm like freaking out. I'm like, 'Hoooooo-ly shit!'"—Lawrence mustered up the courage to slide into his DMs.

"He was hookah-ing at the time, basically," Lawrence says. "He was like, I've never seen the machines you were using. Then he said, yo, could you hook me up with a vape?' I told him, I'll hook you up with a starter kit or whatever.” (Let’s briefly pause to reflect on the perfection that is Drake asking a 21-year-old for a vape in the DMs. Amen.) "And then he was like, yoooooo, should I just fly you out?"

The Vape God had never been to L.A.

What did you say?

"I was like”—and here Lawrence gesticulates with his spaghetti arms to indicate that his mind had just disintegrated—"um, helllllllll yeah?"

And off to Calabasas the Vape God flew to hang out with Drake in his mansion.

Sadly, Lawrence is mum on the details of his visit to Drake's mansion. Although he did admit the rapper is "actually pretty good" at blowing O's.

But there is one Hollywood celebrity who can match Lawrence's talents, legendary vaper Leonardo DiCaprio

"We were watching Shutter Island one night," says Lawrence. "Have you seen that? Leonardo DiCaprio is in a stranded house. There's a huge storm, so he has to go inside. And him and his dude are smoking a cigarette, and he does the craziest, nastiest French inhale I've ever seen."

"And I was like, 'Noooooooo. Fucking. Way.'" Lawrence's mind is blown again. "Seriously, I started French inhaling for, like, forever after that. It hurts. It stings. The best French inhale to date. I'll never top it."

We will not be satisfied until the day Leonardo DiCaprio and the Vape God go head-to-head in a vape-off. 

Until that fateful day, have a look at some more of Austin's insane tricks, below.