Watch the Chilling Moment That Police Gunned Down The Bastille Day Killer

This video shows French cops fatally shooting the truck driver after his deadly rampage.

This is the chilling moment that French police killed the rampaging truck driver who plowed through a huge crowd of Bastille Day revelers in Nice, France, killing 84 and leaving more than 100 injured.

The video shows cops surrounding the white truck and firing dozens of shots into the cab as shocked bystanders are heard screaming.

 A 31-year-old French-Tunisian small-time crook named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel barreled into a the crowd gathered to watch fireworks, moments before police bullets took him down. 

The Associated Press published the video Friday of the moment the gendarmes put an end to Bouhlel’s rampage.

By the time he was stopped, Bouhlel had driven just over a mile through the crowds on the Promenades des Anglais, leaving dozens of dead and dying in his wake. 

The Telegraph reported that the death toll included several vacationers from other countries as well, including two Americans, a Russian, Ukrainian and two Moroccan natives.

The British paper also reported that there was clear evidence of intent to kill:

Eyewitnesses said the driver swerved from side to side to kill as many people as possible as he drove for hundreds of metres along the seafront.

While Bouhlel was known to local authorities as a petty criminal, he was reportedly “not known to be a terror risk,” so any ties he may have had to ISIS or any other terrorist group with international reach is still under investigation. 

In the wake of this attack, France’s state of emergency—still in effect from the horrific ISIS-inspired rampages in November, 2015—has been extended.

h/t APNY Post, Telegraph