Watch The Terrifying Moment a Diver Fights Off a Great White Shark With a Spear Gun

Good lord.

Tyler McQuillen, age 22, was diving off the California coast on September 1 when he swam straight into everyone’s worst underwater nightmare. 

Inside Edition reports McQuillen was skimming along under the surface in just 10 feet of water when he realized he was looking certain death in the face in the form of a great white shark. 

At first the college student thought a buddy was messing with him by yanking on one of his diving fin-clad feet, then he saw his fin had disappeared thanks to the attacking shark. 

As seen in the video, the shark whipped around for another go, and McQuillen managed to get off a shot with his spear gun, striking the deep-sea predator. 

Even though he had two broken toes from the initial bite, McQuillen then managed to make it back to shore to warn others not to get in the water. 

He seemed pretty proud of how he handled the situation, telling Inside Edition he gave the shark “a nice little jab.”

It looks like pure crazy luck in addition to some solid instincts on McQuillen’s part that he managed to get away. He also said he’ll dive again. 

We’d bet good money he’ll never enter the water without that trusty spear gun again.

h/t Inside Edition