These Viral Videos Show Why Hurricane Irma Is One of the Most Epically Dangerous Storms in History

You need to see these.

Hurricane Irma is moving steadily toward the U.S. East Coast and that’s very bad news, especially if it strikes Miami. Irma could be one of the most dangerous storms in history, twice as potentially dangerous as Harvey. It’s maintained Category 5 severity, with sustained winds at 185 mph and gusts above 200 mph. 

Videos coming out of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in general—the island of Barbuda was virtually destroyed—are more than enough evidence that anyone who tries to ride this one out might be in extreme danger. These show what hell looks like. 

Irma is bad enough but there are currently two other hurricanes spinning over portions of the Atlantic. Weak Katia, in the western Gulf of Mexico, and smaller Jose, spinning along virtually in Irma’s wake. 

In fact Barbuda may be struck by Jose as well, which is unfathomable given they’ve already had to deal with the conditions seen in the video below.

As of Thursday the death toll for Irma was up to 10. It’s likely to go higher, especially as the ultra-powerful hurricane causes sudden and tsunami-like walls of water to push inland on low-lying islands.

But in a storm as intense as this, the winds are easily equal in danger to the water. The only way to deal with a storm like Irma is to get the hell out of Dodge—or Naples, Florida, or wherever you are in its path. 

More views of Irma’s fury from the inside—and of what’s left in its wake—prove no one is safe.  

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