VIEREN Debuts Vinyl-Inspired Gold Skeleton Watch

A new release from a cult Canadian watch brand that’s as good as gold.


The truly good things in life are all about precision and a delicate touch. The way warmth and sound flows from a vinyl record through your turntable, or the way a watch expertly tracks the time with an intricate movement.

It follows that one can serve as a pretty distinct source of inspiration for the other: Take the new VIEREN Gold Sunray Watch, an elegant timepiece that immediately calls to mind a needle drop on your favorite LP.

The just-released special edition watch nods to DJ booths and record scratching with a circular dial akin to turntable, plus skeletonized cut-outs offering a clear view into the beating heart of the timepiece.

It’s the second release from VIEREN’s Stereo Collection, itself part of a growing lineup of watches from the Canadian luxury microbrand.


The cult favorite watch company is young in years (it was founded in 2020 by watch entrepreneur Jess Chow and luxury fashion designer Sunny Fong), but not short on experience or pedigree.

Chow’s parents are watch industry vets, and when the time came to dive into the world of watches herself, she set her sights on crafting small-batch timepieces at a studio in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


VIEREN’s latest timepiece was developed over more than six months at that studio, using music-inspired touches like a date display that draws on turntable volume knobs.

There’s even an 18-karat gold rehaut, minute-dial ring within the turntable-esque dial (watch for light reflecting carefully off the dial itself).


Look closely at the rest of the skeletonized dial to view VIEREN’s 25-jewel Swiss ETA-2671 automatic watch movement, complete with a 44-hour power reserve.

“Just as Studio 54 was a magnet for trendsetters and tastemakers, this hyper-limited watch takes centerstage,” VIEREN said, noting that the refined watch is a “bold statement of self-expression.”


It’s a timepiece that nods to the past while also proving more than worthy of a spot in the collection of any modern watch enthusiast.

And if shelves of vinyl and crystal-clear audio are also your cup of tea, there’s hardly a better look.

The one catch? Only five units are available, priced at $5,500, or $7,500 CAD — it’s a stunner of a watch that’s about as rare as any covetable vinyl record.