Wild Videos Show Viking Sky Cruise Ship Hurled Into Chaos At Sea

Anybody got a Dramamine?

New videos show a Viking Sky cruise ship going topsy-turvy in extremely choppy waters, sending passengers and furniture sliding across rooms and tile falling from the ceiling in these wild clips.

The embattled cruise ship eventually reached the Norwegian shore on Sunday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after it issued a mayday call when after suffering engine trouble at sea.

The New York Post reports that video taken by passengers showed water pouring through communal areas as waves of up to 26 feet lashed the ship. 


Another clip posted to Twitter showed ceiling tiles dropping onto the heads of passengers and tables and chairs flying across the deck.


At least 20 of the 1,373 passengers and crews were injured, said Viking Ocean Cruises.

Meanwhile, more footage emerged from the Viking Sky rescue that took place on Saturday that showed passengers being airlifted to safety as massive waves tossed the ship around, reports The Guardian

Nearly 450 passengers were taken via helicopters to safety.

A camera mounted on a rescue worker’s helmet captured the moment passengers were hoisted one by one from the cruise ship to a rescue chopper. 

The evacuations took place in extremely difficult conditions. Norwegian media reported gusts of up to 38 knots (43 mph) and waves over eight metres (26ft) in an area known for its rough, frigid waters.

Twenty people were treated for injuries including broken bones, cuts and bruises, rescuers said. 

A tug boat and two other vessels on Sunday helped the ship reach the port on Molde after its engines were restarted.