This Viral Video of a 4-Year-Old Boy Cocking a Gun Has Sparked Outrage Online

Little Maverick already knows how reload a rifle.

Boy With Rifle Promo

A viral video of a young boy repeatedly cocking and pulling the trigger of a gun at an NRA convention has sparked outrage across social media.

Hunter and outdoor enthusiast Kendall Jones prompts four-year-old Maverick to demonstrate his ability to handle an unloaded rifle. After repeatedly operating the firearm’s bolt action and trigger mechanism, he removes and inserts the magazine.

“That is adorable,” Jones says at the clip’s conclusion. 

She posted the controversial footage to Twitter three days ago with the caption, “This video is INCREDIBLE! Parenting done RIGHT.”

As the video racked up millions of views, a heated argument over gun safety ensued. Many praised the boy’s parents for teaching their child firearm know-how, while others condemned the notion of a toddler playing with a weapon like it’s a “toy.” 

Some gun owners even criticized the fact that he “dry fired,” i.e. pulled the trigger without chambering a round.

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