WATCH: Couple Documents Horrifying Infestation in New York Hotel

This is the stuff of nightmares.

It’s only January, but it’s safe to say the scariest film of 2016 has already been released. It’s more disturbing than The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, and Sex and the City 2 combined. Just remind yourself that it is only a movie.

Oh wait. It’s not only a movie.

The very real footage, posted to YouTube by a disgruntled couple staying in New York City, documents a bed-bug infestation in their hotel room. In the video, the male guest walks us through the seemingly pleasant corridors of the Astor on the Park Hotel. However, the true horror lurks behind closed doors.

The man enters his squalid hotel room to reveal that his mattress is teeming with little black crawlers. He lifts the mattress and then prods it with a pen, which sends scores of the critters scattering. The horror doesn’t end there. The man then turns the camera on his girlfriend, who has been ravaged by bed-bug bites across her arms and torso.

Excuse me while I bathe in bed-bug killer.

The man concludes the skin-crawling video, which has since gone viral, by saying, “I hope this video makes it to court, and this place gets what they deserve.”

Watch the terrifying video below: 

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