WATCH: Bloody Drone Footage Captures 70 Tiger Sharks Devouring Humpback Whale

It’s a straight-up bloodbath.

Tourists commonly flock to Shark Bay in Western Australia to get within arm’s reach of a fearsome tiger shark. While this is typically a harmless endeavor, two small boats of travelers nearly became shark bait recently.

Captured by drone, the group got a bit too close to a feeding frenzy of 70 tiger sharks tearing apart the tasty carcass of a humpback whale. These alpha predators, which can grow to over 15 feet long, are seen swimming underneath their minuscule passenger boats and then biting chunks from this hapless whale. Watch it here:

In short order, the green waters beneath the boats were shot through with crimson clouds as the tiger sharks enjoyed a whale of a lunch. 

Whether the whale died of natural causes or was killed by the sharks remains unclear, according to the New Zealand Herald. Tiger sharks are known to prey on humpbacks and, in certain cases, on human beings.

Those tourists are gonna need bigger boats. 

h/t New Zealand Herald