Watch Bone-Chilling Video of a Massive California Fire ‘Vortex’


Shasta County, California has been under total siege by one of the most intense wildfires in years. Dubbed the Carr Fire, it is taking a terrifying, deadly toll on everyone and everything in its path.

In addition to at least two known dead, the Carr has eaten hundreds of homes and businesses. Footage like the video above underscores the fire’s immense power and danger. Fire crews must feel as if they’re battling some kind of monster straight out of science fiction.

Firefighters in the Carr wildfire

In the video you see a massive fire whirl (often called a fire tornado), a vortex caused by the clash of heat from the fire and an updraft from swirling wind. 

Apparently this phenomenon can happen in just about any large fire, but wildfires like the Carr can take it to another level. It won’t get any better soon, either — as of Saturday, the Carr Fire had doubled in size.

For all its beauty, California is afflicted with these incredible wildfires every year, and they take a tremendous toll on lives and property. Frequently, they take the lives of the brave men and women fighting them, as wildfires move fast and are totally unpredictable.

Massive tornadoes generated purely from flames are like previews of the Apocalypse. The best thing to do if you’re ever near one is just get the hell out of the way and hope it doesn’t come for you.