You Will Never Unhear This Freaky Viral Video of Two Lynx Shrieking at Each Other

They’re likely arguing over a female.

Lynx are a uniquely North American big cat. Well, they’re not actually that big, but you definitely don’t want to run into an angry lynx in the wild. They will mess you up. 

The video above, captured by Canadian Ed Trist, is a pretty good example of how freaky and scary lynx can be. Any wild animal screaming its guts out is unsettling, but a pair of mid-sized wild cats screaming at each other is somehow another level of creepy.

Canadian lynx

As Trist told the Canadian Press, he “knew right away it was going to be a rare, special capture” because lynx really don’t like to hang around out in the open with humans nearby.

Trist said he was out with his daughter and girlfriend riding ATVs when they spotted the scene. They filmed the confrontation, which Trist told the Press reminded him of children in distress.

The lynx never quite fight, but they seem on the edge of something crazy the whole time. As of Tuesday, the video was  had more than 12 million views, because who doesn’t enjoy a lot of terrifying screaming about females?

As to what’s really going on here, expert Luke Hunter told LiveScience that “these two animals have encountered one another, probably while looking for females.”

Okay, we totally get it. 

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