Here are Some of the Super Creepy Weapons Collected By the TSA in November

"Please place all metal objects in the—holy crap!"
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You'd think the very public tightening of airport security that's occurred since 9/11 would mean passengers know to vet their possessions for anything that might trigger TSA attention. A look at the Transportation Security Administration's Instagram and blog, however, proves that isn't necessarily true. 

A blog post published Thursday indicated that in just the last full week of November alone, blue-shirted security personnel at airports nationwide confiscated 42 firearms. Of those, "33 were loaded and 17 had a round chambered."

TSA agents even had to take someone's replica of Negan's bat from The Walking Dead.

fake Negan's bat TSA blog


Below, from the TSA's Insta, are just a few more potentially deadly items unwitting or—perhaps—potentially deadly travelers lost in November while attempting to get through airport security checkpoints.

The TSA has pretty clear rules as to what you can and cannot carry on a plane. It's a great idea to err on the side of caution—certainly where firearms are concerned (though they are allowed in checked bags) and also any kind of blades. 

Let's face it, even if the government agency didn't name any of the folks whose goods they took, no one wants the TSA snarking that their personal batarang collection is "pathetic" to the agency's half-million Instagram followers.

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