Savvy Stoners Known as ‘Weed-Tubers’ Are Getting High on the Internet for Cash

Get to know these popular potheads.

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Young stoners, riding a wave of marijuana legalization, are getting (very) high on the Internet to score some fast cash.

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So-called “weed-tubers” are the next iteration of professional vloggers, or young people who have been making buckets of cash off YouTube through sponsorship deals and branded content. While most vloggers offer makeup tutorials or silly stories from their lives, weed-tubers spark up and talk all things cannabis to their legions of stoned devotees.

The Guardian reports that popular weed-tubers getting high on their webcams make about as much money as restaurant workers. It’s a living, but they are still making far less than other popular vloggers, who can rake in millions. YouTube restricts monetization on age-restricted content, and Instagram, vital to cross-platform appeal, does not permit marijuana content, limiting cash flow.

Still, blazers like 21-year-old Josh Young of the channel “StrainCentral,” have found their livelihoods getting blazed online. Others, like 22-year-old Kimmy Tan, post weed videos on YouTube as a side hustle. Tan, a professional tattoo artist, told The Guardian she posts more to “have a good time” and “connect people” rather than get rich.

Here she is doing something admittedly “challenge-like”: taking 100 hits.

Hey, if you’re gonna smoke weed anyway, why not record it for some spending money? Just make sure you’re posting from a state where recreational use is legal, like California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado or the District of Columbia.

h/t The Guardian