Couples Are Ditching Open Bars for ‘Weed Weddings,’ Which Are Exactly What They Sound Like

Man, Aunt Vera’s hair is so BLUE.

weed wedding


Usually, weddings are joyous events where guests get tanked at the open bar, make an ass of themselves on the dance floor, and then eventually pass out on a chair in the corner.

But thanks to marijuana being legalized in a bunch of states, people are now starting to incorporate pot into their weddings, because nothing says “I do” like toking up with your new wife…and all of your closest friends and family.

In Colorado, weed wedding specialist Bec Koop owns Irie Wedding & Events, which is a 4/20-friendly wedding planning business, where brides and grooms can arrange for cannabis open bars, so that their guests can spark up at the reception and promptly fall asleep.

Some of Koop’s dank services include bud bars with joints, vapes, and bongs, with an optional budtender, should you want an expert to pack the bowls and roll the joints.

And if you want to get your guests extra fucked up, you can even add edibles to the open bar. Fun!

“A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume, it might not be as enjoyable or someone might cause an issue, or god forbid something worse,” says Philip Wolf, CEO of Cultivating Spirits in Colorado and the Cannabis Wedding Expo. “With cannabis, you really don’t have that threat.”

I don’t know, man. I’ve heard stories about people greening out on edibles and hallucinating a little bit. There definitely is such a thing as too high. I don’t think that’d be too fun at a wedding.

Wow, now that I think about it, weed weddings might actually be terrifying. Can you imagine going to a wedding where everyone, including you, is baked out of their goddamn mind, just talking about conspiracy theories, or Madonna’s arms, or something? Scary.

But then again, weddings usually have good food…so it’d be a bomb place to get the munchies. So maybe it is a good idea. I wouldn’t know until I personally go to a weed wedding, but I’m not entirely mad at the idea.

H/T: Bloomberg