How Instagram Entrepreneur Jessica Bartlett Is Helping Her Fellow Influencers Get Rich

Jessica Bartlett founded COY Co. to help models and creators turn big Instagram followings into big profits.
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Thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, chasing fame and fortune has never been easier. However, those social media outlets are constantly changing their algorithms and allocating what content is seen at what time. This can diminish someone's engagement, thus leading to fewer advertisement agreements, which means less notoriety and money. Fortunately, social media expert and influencer Jessica Bartlett has created a whole new system that gives the power back to the user.

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Bartlett founded COY (Capitalize On You) Co. after realizing that directing followers on Instagram to her website resulted in more traffic. Bartlett's website was completely her own, with special content not seen on her social media with the addition of a paywall to monetize her likeness and content. It was a unique experience that Bartlett controlled, and it was more favorable than her social media page. 

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Bartlett decided that if every creator-owned their platform, they would be able to promote their own unique brand rather than rely on advertising for others. COY Co. was then born into a subscription-based service that constructs each influencer's individual platform and gets them paid because followers desiring to view the page must pay a fee.

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COY Co. helps creators large and small build and capitalize on their brand. The service also acts as an advisor, helping influencers determine which exclusive content will resonate best with their followers. COY Co. users can sit back and relax because the service will automatically use digital marketing tactics to help grow the user's following. Users also do not have to worry about their content being leaked and losing the exclusivity factor because COY Co. has the best-in-class copyright and content protection.

This service is a complement to social media for those who have been able to amass a large and loyal following and want to monetize. COY Co. cares about its creators and helps each person achieve their brand goals. Creators and subscribers are getting an exclusive experience. Subscribers are engaging in the lives of their favorite influences, artists, supermodels, athletes, and celebrities, but in a whole new way. The content on COY Co. platforms help closely connect subscribers and creators.

Whether you are an influencer looking to share ‘how-to’ videos on getting the best photos or a musician wanting to intimately share the progress of a new song without the content being leaked, COY Co. is for you. To learn more about The Coy Co, or to submit an application, visit