Why Royston G. King Is a Top Young Entrepreneur You Need to Know About

The 21-year-old millennial millionaire an is equally dedicated to achieving financial success and philanthropy.

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At age 21, Royston G. King is among the world’s youngest award-winning entrepreneurs. He’s an investor, partner, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies with offices worldwide. He now holds an almost celebrity status in the corporate world. Even so, King still wants to impact millions through philanthropic work. 

Ever since he was a kid, King’s dream was to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to create a company that would help businesses grow and employ many people. Inspired early on by his father’s business, he started Master Scaling. The agency propels e-commerce brands to seven- and eight-figure values with guaranteed results, using cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to generate quality leads.

His company has created a proprietary system that is proven to help businesses scale rapidly. The Master Scaling agency has customers on every continent, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia, as well as key countries like Canada and the UK. This global presence offers both local and international companies ways to scale their businesses.

King also believes that he is a servant of God and wants to be the means through which people experience happiness. He has successfully attracted other non-profit organizations such as Humanitix, VGen Australia, RE-Volve, Save The Children, Habitat For Humanity, Hult Prize Foundation, Robin Hood Army, Singular University, Net Impact, One For The World, and more.

The millennial has also started a YouTube channel, where he motivates people to bring out the good in themselves. He launched the channel with the goal of “creating heaven on earth,” in his words. More specifically, King’s videos are designed to help budding entrepreneurs by explaining how companies can scale up their business operations with proper acumen.

“Material success means nothing if the person isn’t a good human being,” King says. Though he’s a founder of million-dollar company, his humble beginnings and yearning make him a standout among other successful entrepreneurs.