People Are Seeing Something Raunchy in This Map of Winter Storm Jonas

This bawdy blizzard is pounding the Eastern U.S. in more ways than one.

Winter Storm Jonas brought chaos to the south on Friday, snarling roads across major southern cities like Nashville and shutting down air travel all across the nation. There were reports of severe weather in the deep south and thundersnow in Tennessee. 

States of emergency were declared as far north as Philadelphia and as far south as northern Georgia. By any measure, Jonas is already an epic weather event. 

Such a major storm striking densely-populated portions of the country—up to 75 million people will be affected—has a ton of effects, and one of the most surprising is on the libido. Basically, people get trapped inside and can’t think of anything to do but have sex with each other.

That’s why medical professionals firmly believe, regardless of statistics, that they reliably see notable baby booms 9 months after heavy weather shut down the region where they live. And it makes sense if you think about it. What else are you going to do? Snowshoeing isn’t half as fun.

And if wild weather isn’t actually bumping up baby-making efforts, it certainly seems to make people start seeing sex parts everywhere. 

There’s a phenomenon in human perception called “pareidolia.” It explains why we see a man’s face on the moon, or why people say they see sacred figures in water stains. 

Pareidolia isn’t just about seeing faces, but any familiar form; it also explains why colorful weather forecasting and radar maps all over the TV lead some to see penises and vaginas in storm graphics

Via UpRoxx, there was Gawker Media’s Ashley Feinberg, who had a revelation about a color-map demonstrating storm impacts from Jonas. 

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Even more to the point was this shot featuring NBC Philadelphia meteorologist Sheena Parveen, whose weather map showed that Cape May definitely appeared to be taking one for the team. 

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Visions of body parts dancing in the heads of weather enthusiasts on social media isn’t new, of course. It’s becoming kind of a thing:

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It’s like it’s own indoor winter sport, at this point. Stay warm, and keep your eyes peeled. 

h/t UpRoxx