Miami Nightclub Shuts Down After Woman in a Bikini Rides a Horse onto the Dance Floor

This was a bad idea.

Horse in nightclub
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Imagine you’re at the club, on the dance floor, and you’re having a killer time, sloshing beer on everyone around you. Then a woman in a bikini rides a white horse into the middle of it all.

That sounds like one of those weird dreams people have after eating pizza or taking LSD but it really happened Thursday at the Mokai Lounge in South Beach.

Veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and horses all agree that horses don’t belong on dance floors. So the horse freaked out, as you can see in the video, and then everyone else freaked out. It was a bad scene.

It’s natural to joke about this because it’s so ridiculous, but once the footage made it online, some also naturally called it animal cruelty. A petition was circulated to yank the club’s license, but more seriously, the Miami Beach PD is involved. 

The New York Post reports the Mokai Lounge even took down its Yelp page. The reviews after the horse incident were—as you might imagine—awesomely awful.

The lounge is currently closed. The woman in the bikini is probably still wearing a bikini. It’s South Beach. The horse is hopefully eating a double portion of oats.

h/t New York Post, AFP