This Woman Put Clueless Catcallers on Blast by Taking Selfies With Them For a Month

Don’t be these guys.

A Dutch woman came up with a brilliant way to call out the hordes of catcallers she encounters on the streets of Amsterdam every day—by taking selfies with them. 

For one month, 20-year-old student Noa Jansma asked the men who verbally harassed her to pose for photos she later uploaded to an Instagram account she created called “Dear Catcallers.”

“This Instagram has the aim to create awareness about the objectification of women in daily life,” she wrote in one post. 

Her subjects appear to be completely clueless as they pose with giant smiles, often with their arms wrapped around her. Jansma, of course, never smiles.

A total of 22 selfies were posted from August 29 to September 27. Jansma  even included the unbelievably creepy shit these weirdos used as pickup lines in the captions. Here are some of the worst: 

“Hmmmm you wanna kiss?”

“After following me for straight 10 minutes ‘sexy girl Where you goin?? Can I come with you ?'”

“Psssssst, kissing sounds and whistling”

“Weheeee horny girl”

“When I see you, all I get is wild thoughts, wild, Wild Thoughts!!”

The experiment calls to mind a viral video from 2014 in which a woman walks through various Manhattan neighborhoods dressed modestly in jeans and a black crew neck T-shirt. 

Over 100 instances of catcalling occurred, not including “countless winks and whistles.”

That video has over 45 million views to date, and the Dear Catcallers Instagram account is growing by tens of thousands of followers everyday. 

If you’re one of these creeps, do us all a favor and knock it off pronto. 

h/t: Buzzfeed