WATCH: This May Be The World’s Largest Dog

You could saddle up and just use him for transportation.

Rocko the Great Dane pretty much embodies the reason this lanky breed acquired the “Great” in its name. At 40 inches on all fours and nearly seven feet tall on his hind legs, this 2-year-old giganto-dog from Sparks, Nevada may well be the largest pooch in the world. 

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Speaking with Reno TV station KOLO, owner Nicholas Helms said he and Jessica Williams simply had no idea their adorable puppy would turn into a canine Goliath. “He was so big,” Helms said, “Is he half Dane or half pony, what’s going on here?”

Rocko is genial and smart, according to his owners. He also has no idea how huge he is. “He thinks he’s a Chihuahua or something,” Helms told KOLO.

Jessica Williams said Rocko will “cry at the TV if an animal is being hurt on a documentary or something.”

“He’s weird,” Williams said, “I think he’s more emotionally connected than most dogs.” 

Helms and Williams are seeking to have Rocko recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest living dog. The previous titleholder for tallest dog alive was Zeus, who galumphed for a time around Otsego, Michigan. Zeus was larger than Rocko, standing 7’4″ on his hind legs and 44 inches at the shoulder. 

Zeus—also the largest dog ever recorded—was too great for this world, sadly. He passed away at age five, in 2014. So we’re pulling for Rocko—both that he grabs the title of tallest living dog and that he keeps it for a much longer time than his predecessor.

h/t KOLO