‘Yeti Butting’ Is the Strangest New College Craze You’ll See All Day

All you need is a butt and a Yeti cooler.


America’s college campuses have spawned a cheeky new Instagram trend: “Yeti butting.”

It’s all in the name: ample-bottomed sorority babes pop a squat on Yeti coolers and then have their friends snap photos of them from the back.

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There’s even an Instagram dedicated to the sexy new craze, aptly titled “Yeti Butts Daily.”

Just about anyone can take a crack at Yeti butting. All you’ll need is a Yeti cooler (readily available on most Big Ten campuses), and a butt (preferably in a string bikini). With just those two components, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to hit Instagram with a fire Yeti butt pic of your own.

But props to this girl, who used three Yetis.

You can Yeti butt all on your own, or you can invite a friend to join in on the fun (we recommend the latter).

Even better, Yeti butting is kindling school spirit: many wave their school flags high while hunkering down on those chilled Yeti coolers.


These sterling Yeti butters make it look easy, but there’s actually quite a bit of strategy involved. The key is to arch your back a bit and then apply considerable pressure on that Yeti. 

Kind of like this:


If Yeti Butting were a major, all these girls all deserve to graduate Cum Laude.

h/t The Daily Caller