Meet The Young Real Estate Mogul Who is Transforming the Industry

Zumbly founder Jeb Carty is bridging the gap between the traditional real estate industry and the rise of the platform economy.

Jeb Carty

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Every entrepreneur has that moment–an epiphany, an experience, a moment of sudden discovery and profound intuition–in which a formerly unsolvable problem becomes suddenly clear and obvious. 

With this victory comes the potential to change your life and those associated with your venture. These “ah-ha” moments, as we often like to call them, shape the world we live in and drive our entrepreneurial age.

Jeb Carty, a real estate investment mogul, has bridged the gap between the traditional, archaic real estate industry and the rise of the platform economy just two years ago, but it appears his upbringing and prior experiences led him to that very moment.

From a young age, Carty portrayed a keen sense of entrepreneurism. With every new venture being more innovative than the last, he gained real-life experience through the implementation and execution of his risk-taking and thrill-seeking ideas. 

As a college student, he threw music festivals on his family’s farm benefiting the American Cancer Society and worked with local talent including Mike Nappi and Bam Margera. He also began to purchase investment properties that he would rent out with the goal of having his monthly income cover his monthly expenses and costs.

After graduating college and coming to the self-realization that he truly had a knack for this, Carty moved from his hometown of Lincoln University, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to pursue a career in real estate. 

From there, he ventured out to Las Vegas in search of investment opportunities. Specifically hunting for properties with rental incomes that would pay for hard costs, Carty found himself number crunching and overall, unsuccessful. And that’s when it happened – the “ah-ha” moment.

Carty decided he would create Zumbly, a technology that provides consumers with the opportunity to find properties that are great homes, but even better investments. 

This innovative platform offers a new approach to real estate as it weighs the long and short term rental returns for each property and compares the results to the entire market at whole. 

The platform is currently running a beta in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas and plans to expand to new markets, both nationally and globally, in the upcoming quarter.