10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Guys

Holiday gifts that can’t miss.

(Left: Rogue Industries, Middle: BDI, Right: The Phoenix)

Presented by Alchemy

Whether the guy you’re shopping for this holiday season is a fashionable trendsetter, a golf fanatic, or simply enjoys the finer things in life, this diverse collection of gifts blends style, sophistication, and functionality.

KÜHL Deceptr Pant


From conquering the trails to owning the town, the versatile Deceptr Pant is designed to do it all. Boasting a comfortable elastic waistband and technical, lightweight ripstop fabric with stretch, these stylish pants effortlessly transition from the office hustle to outdoor adventures. They also make the perfect airport-ready lightweight travel pant for any frequent flyer. Shop Now

BDI Corridor SV Bar


Raise the bar on entertaining this holiday season with the Corridor SV Bar from BDI. This sleek, modern bar offers a slim profile and raised-cabinet design, making it ideal for living areas where space is at a premium. Though its footprint is narrow, this inspired bar pours on all the features of a full-sized standing bar, including horizontal storage of wine bottles, adjustable shelf space, a secure wooden rack for stemware, and a flexible pull-out drawer for supplies or additional bottles. Shop Now

Rogue Industries Leather Wallet

(Rogue Industries)

Every stylish man needs an equally stylish wallet. Designed to fit into his front pocket for enhanced comfort and security, this genuine leather wallet is a staple. Rogue offers a wide range of made-in-Maine small leather goods like belts and money clips that serve as the perfect luxe stocking stuffer. Use code 23MAX for 15% off your order. Shop Now

ZBiotics Pre-Alcohol Probiotic 


Help your friends and family make it through the busy holiday season with this Pre-Alcohol Probiotic. Crafted by PhD scientists, this genetically engineered probiotic works by tackling a toxic byproduct that’s created in your gut when you drink. ZBiotics Pre-Alcohol produces an enzyme that breaks this byproduct down, so you and your friends can enjoy the night without sacrificing tomorrow. Shop Now 

PXG Golf Clubs & Apparel 


If he loves golf, he’ll love a gift from PXG—Parsons Xtreme Golf. From their high-performance GEN6 clubs and Battle Ready Putters to their ultra-comfortable and stylish apparel and accessories, PXG stops at nothing to elevate the performance of golfers at every level. Each PXG club is made with only the finest materials and using elite manufacturing processes, resulting in a build quality, fit and finish that are second to none. Shop Now

Mystery Vibe Tenuto 2


Rock both your worlds with Tenuto 2, the only doctor-recommended FDA Class II vibrator clinically proven to combat ED. Tenuto 2’s stimulating vibrations are sure to bring pleasure to all parties involved. Bluetooth capabilities, water resistance, four motors and 16 intensity levels promise earth-shattering orgasms for both of you. Save 30% on Tenuto 2 now in MysteryVibe’s Black Friday Sale. Shop Now 

Eureka NEW400


The Eureka New400 is arguably the the best floor cleaner for under $200. Powered by a robust 120W motor and an efficient 600rpm brush roll, it delivers on its “All Clean in One Pass” promise. The dual-water tank system constantly supplies fresh water, eliminating the reuse of dirty water and outperforming traditional steam mops that tend to redistribute dirt. Plus, the New400 boasts a self-cleaning mode—simply dock it, press a button, and it self-cleans without requiring disassembly of the brush roll. This isn’t just convenience; it’s cleaning revolutionized, all within your budget. Shop Now

ONE Flex Graphene Condoms

(ONE Flex)

Gift the pleasure-seekers a next generation condom unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. ONE Flex is preferred two-to-one over standard latex condoms thanks to 85% better body heat transfer and way more sensation. After nearly a decade of R&D, ONE scientists molecularly bonded latex with graphene—the strongest, thinnest, and most conductive material on the planet—to produce one of the world’s thinnest condoms. Use code MAXIM to get 15% off the ONE Flex 10-count package. Shop Now 

Artemis LED Face Mask


Level up his skincare routine with this cutting edge LED Face Mask. Packed with 1,080 LEDs, this futuristic mask fights wrinkles and delivers a clear, youthful appearance. Pair it with the AI-powered customizable skincare app for a personalized experience. Use code MAXIM16 for 16% off. Shop Now 

The Phoenix 

(The Phoenix)

The Phoenix is a revolutionary patented device that belongs in every man’s toolbox. It’s never been easier or more convenient to access the benefits of wave therapy (Li-ESWT). The device gives users the ability to follow a urologist-designed protocol from the comfort of home and experience results that used to cost thousands of dollars, plus dozens of trips to a clinic. Men (and their partners) love The Phoenix because it gives them back their best bedroom performance without pills or injections. Purchase includes a risk-free 90-day home trial—save $200 while supplies last with code MAXIM200. Shop Now