10 Business Titans To Watch In 2024

From a business-savvy DJ to the founder of a celeb-attracting excursion company.

Presented by Sara Smith

From Silicon Valley innovators to visionary entrepreneurs, each of these 10 rising business titans encapsulates a unique tale of resilience, innovation, and unparalleled leadership. Below, discover the compelling stories behind their meteoric ascents and learn about the lessons that have defined their paths to success.

Hilary DeCesare

(Hilary DeCesare )

Hilary DeCesare, a pioneering CEO in Silicon Valley, is celebrated for her contributions to neuropsychology in the business realm. As the founder and CEO of The ReLaunch Co, she has left a significant imprint on the tech industry, playing a crucial role in contributing to nearly 100 million in Oracle sales and securing substantial venture capital for startups.

DeCesare’s innovative 3HQ framework empowers women in mid-life to reshape their lives through a holistic approach encompassing head, heart and highest self. Delivering impactful courses and coaching, she has assisted numerous individuals in reinventing their lives, businesses and relationships, enabling them to manifest their best energetic selves daily.

DeCesare’s insights, featured in prominent publications such as Forbes, have gained recognition on major networks. She’s hosted the top-20 Apple Podcast in entrepreneurship, “The ReLaunch Podcast,” and co-hosed TV show Wake Up with Marci & Hilary. Additionally, she was honored as the “Top Business Leader” in 2023 by NOW Honors. A dedicated philanthropist showcased on ABC’s The Secret Millionaire, Hilary actively supports causes that fight against child exploitation and serves on the board of University Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. 

Seth Mattox

(Seth Mattox)

Seth Mattox‘s entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he earned a self-funded bachelor’s degree in finance. After graduating, he entered the coding field, developing foreign exchange trading algorithms at 23. By 26, he’d founded Bairkan, growing it into a six-figure web development and marketing agency. Venturing into the gaming accessory world at 30, he created OPSEAT and earned $4 million in its first year, propelling his net worth into seven figures. 

At 34, Mattox sold Apex Minecraft Hosting, his game server hosting company, for a mid-eight-figure sum. Now leading Lineage Acquisitions with two partners, he focuses on generating wealth through multifamily real estate. Engaging in various financial roles, from hard money loan operator to supporting the Druid Ventures web3 fund, Mattox is exploring emerging technologies like layer-two blockchains and aiming for a nine-figure milestone.

A globetrotter, he actively participates in events and philanthropy, offering free consultations to small businesses. Mattox’s multifaceted career and altruistic pursuits solidify him as a distinguished figure in entrepreneurship and investment. 

Liam J. Ryan

(Liam J. Ryan)

Liam J. Ryan is a Forbes-featured, eight-figure property business entrepreneur, best-selling author, and co-founder of Assets For Life. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan embarked on his journey at just 6 years old, charging $3 for Michael Jackson dance performances. His early ventures included car washing, selling sweets, and door-to-door canvassing. In his 20s, Ryan found success in building a sales and marketing business, affording him the opportunity to travel the world. 

Returning to England, he faced a business challenge, leading to a transformative moment. Collaborating with Jay Munoz, they founded Assets For Life, driven by 100% commitment and passion. Ryan became an award-winning property investor, trainer, and international speaker, recognized for his expertise. As the host of “The Deal Maker Podcast,” the Amazon best-selling author and mentor exemplifies dedication and resilience in the dynamic worlds of property, business, and wealth education. Assets For Life, the No. 1 property education company in the UK, stands as a testament to Ryan’s entrepreneurial journey and commitment to excellence. 

David Rojas

(David Rojas)

David Rojas, the CEO of Blue Castle Ventures LTD, stands at the helm of a technology company revolutionizing stock trading education. With 14 years of experience as a stock trader and a specialized background in alternative investments from Harvard Business School, Rojas leads a dynamic team that not only imparts trading knowledge but also develops digital products with tangible collaterals, some simulating robust banking solutions. 

A philanthropist at heart, Rojas has garnered media attention for his outspoken views on cryptocurrencies, critiquing their functionality while championing the safety of Blue Castle Venture’s alternative proposal. His expertise caught the eye of outlet New to The Street, which highlighted his foresight by addressing the vulnerabilities in the crypto market before the FTX fiasco came to light. Rojas’ multifaceted role in technology, finance, and investor safety positions him as a thought leader and innovator in the industry. 

Captain Carl Shephard

(Carl Shephard)

Carl Shephard, who graduated top of his class from Yale, embarked on an extraordinary journey after cycling across the country and circumnavigating the earth twice, exploring over 100 countries. His travel passion led to him founding Insider Expeditions 16 years ago.

Shephard orchestrates unique journeys all over the world, offering people the chance to host community or brand or board meetings overseas, non-profit donor experiences, creative brainstorming trips for entrepreneurs, epic birthday celebrations, university alumni gatherings, and remote wellness and longevity retreats.

From hosting Jimmy Buffett to Diplo in Antarctica or organizing tennis safaris in Tanzania with Jon McEnroe, Shephard thrives on delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences to travelers while exploring thoughtfully and sustainably.  His love for the world is channeled into curated journeys that annually raise millions for local causes.

Insider Expeditions is a trailblazer in transformative and socially responsible travel, ensuring a positive impact in every place visited and making Shephard a pioneer in the field. 

Spencer Tarring   

(Spencer Tarring )

Spencer Tarring, known for blending business expertise with artistic flair, started his journey in 1997 with a tech venture, leading to a notable $26 million sale in 2008. His passion for music also flourished; he became a popular DJ in London’s nightlife and expanded “The DJ Agency” into corporate events. His business acumen further shined at Engagetech Ltd, focusing on lead generation for top firms. In 2012, he moved to Shanghai, making a significant impact as a DJ and influencer at M1NT Shanghai. His global ventures showcase his understanding of diverse cultures and trends. 

In 2024, Tarring is set to become the CEO of M1NT Dubai, a new membership club. This role highlights his unique fusion of luxury lifestyle and entertainment, poised to revolutionize Dubai’s elite social scene. Tarring’s visionary leadership and diverse experiences promise to establish M1NT Dubai as a premier destination, solidifying his status as a global business and entertainment figure. 

Bradley Flanagan 

(Bradley Flanagan)

Bradley Flanagan epitomizes resilience and triumph, evolving from his Chicago roots into a renowned business titan. As CEO of Flipping Flanagans and a business consultant, his expertise in finance and real estate is unparalleled. Starting as an Army combat veteran in Afghanistan, Flanagan’s journey laid the foundation for tenacity and leadership. Transitioning into finance, he excelled, managing branches across states and leading Nebraska’s largest mortgage branch, generating nearly a half-billion dollars in business since 2019. 

Beyond mortgages, Flanagan’s acumen as a former investment advisor reflects his passion for impacting communities. In real estate, he navigated eight-figure acquisitions, managing a diverse portfolio of rental properties across states through his property management company. 

With his wife, Flanagan owns multiple companies across industries, showcasing a portfolio of success. He continues to build and advise titans in business, debt, and real estate investments, inviting others to connect and be part of inspiring journeys. 

David J. Bradford  

(David J. Bradford)

David J. Bradford is a financial expert specializing in coaching and strategizing, particularly for entrepreneurs and real estate investors. His innovative financial strategies aim to reduce taxes and generate exponential wealth.

With a commitment to financial literacy, Bradford strives to elevate America’s middle class, emphasizing the importance of financial intelligence for increased net worth and stability. As the driving force behind Drive Planning’s impressive growth, Bradford leads over 80 agents and brokers across offices in Atlanta, Indianapolis, St. Petersburg, Florida, and recently, Hawaii and Mexico.

Beyond finance, he’s an avid athlete, engaging in Spartan Races and founding Spartan-fit Bootcamp for outdoor training. Balancing his professional and athletic life, Bradford is a devoted family man, dividing time between Atlanta and St. Petersburg with his wife Gabriella. With six adult children, his dynamic career and personal values center on growth, empowerment, and community contribution, guided by a commitment to help others become financially free, physically fit and relationship-rich. 

Team Engage – Danelle Delgado & Mike Draper  

(Mike Draper & Danelle Delgado)

As co-founders of Team Engage, Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper lead a paradigm shift in mentorship and corporate training. Delgado, dubbed the “millionaire maker” and CEO of Life Intended, stands as a single mom, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. Meanwhile, Draper, who transitioned from a SWAT police officer to a viral content creator, employs his MBA acumen for online business triumphs.

Established in 2023, Team Engage has emerged as a vital ally for companies, delivering virtual mentorship and distinctive training. Their mental health-centric methodology not only reduces turnover but also amplifies happiness and fosters tangible results. The dynamic duo’s engaging training style and battle-tested systems position them as indispensable assets in the corporate realm. Join the edu-tainment journey with Team Engage, where transformative mentorship and proven strategies redefine success. 

Jules Schroeder   

(Jules Schroeder)

Jules Schroeder, recognized among Inc Magazine’s Top 27 Women Entrepreneurs Changing The World, is the visionary behind Unconventional Life. As its founder, Schroeder leads a multifaceted company, including a top-ranked podcast, coaching services, and transformative experiences. Unconventional Life organizes global five-day accelerators, gathering entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders in exotic locations. This community initiative resonates with millions in over 75 countries, fostering a network for those shaping lives on their terms. 

Inc Magazine hails Unconventional Life as the “Top Event for Entrepreneurs,” crediting Schroeder as an esteemed event designer. Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Schroeder is a musician (Jules King), real estate investor, speaker, bestselling author, and high-level business consultant and coach, showcasing her diverse expertise and global impact.