Actor Yash Raaj Singh On Finding Success In The Movie Industry

“If you are serious about becoming an actor and do not come from an acting background, all you need is dedication and determination.”

(Yash Raaj Singh)

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Even as millions worldwide seek stardom, only some can achieve it. So, what is the secret to success in the cut-throat world of entertainment? 

While the world of movies may be known for its glamour, fame, and incredible pay-outs, the stories told onstage are often a re-imagination of what goes on in the real world. Here’s what War actor Yash Raaj Singh has to say about his journey of becoming a global actor and action star. 

“Many people say that acting is a skill you’re born with. Either you have the skill or not. However, I believe it’s not necessarily true. Acting, just like any other profession, requires specific skills that can be acquired via perseverance and hard work.

He elaborates further, “If you are serious about becoming an actor and do not come from an acting background, there are many different ways in which you can still make it; all you need is dedication and determination.”

Talking through his journey, he discusses how he realized he wanted to become an actor after completing his law degree from Delhi University and decided to enroll in Film School in Los Angeles.

“I went to Los Angeles to study filmmaking. I dedicated myself to learning and observing their style of filmmaking. My main goal was to discover if I had what it takes to become an actor. So I put it all in and applied what I had learned while working as an assistant director with Yash Raj Studios.”

He continues, “I found my time at film school to be an incredibly rich learning experience. It’s where I learned how to take my childhood recollections of growing up in Lucknow and the many facets of life I had experienced and transcribe them onto the silver screen.”

Yash further highlights what drew him to acting and why he pursued the profession so passionately.

“We start playing different roles as children when we act out our favorite stories and fantasies. As human beings, there are so many things we want to do and be. Being an actor allows you to play many different roles and explore incredibly diverse lives. The opportunity to live so many lives is the best part of being an actor. You’re free to engage in play for the rest of your life.”

At the same time, Yash also talks about how pursuing your passions is a vital part of being an actor.

“I love martial arts, horse-riding and trying out new things like deep-sea diving, etc. And I see how a dedicated pursuit of these passions has helped me become a better actor and gain the necessary skills for essaying different roles. These skills of mine would have been useless in any other profession. However, acting empowers me to chase new pursuits and see how they enrich my abilities.”

Yash further lays down how acting, just like other professions, requires or involves lifelong learning. 

“When I decided to become an actor, it was an entirely different time Today, you can build a considerable fan following by posting reels on social media. However, during my time, social media wasn’t what it is today, and even YouTube and Google weren’t as advanced resources for self-learning as they have become now. I knew I wanted to make movies but had no idea, and basically, the only way for me to learn filmmaking and acting was to go to school.”

He further credits Campus Univers Cascades, a highly reputed French stunt team, for helping him prepare for his role in an upcoming series with a top Hollywood company. 

“As I stated, every role requires you to play a different life, and you must acquire the skills to portray it convincingly. Aside from acting out the emotions, you must also learn how to convey the right persona, actions, and mannerisms connected to the role. I must thank my instructors at Campus Univers Cascades for teaching me how to emulate the right body language and precise moves for one of the most important roles of my life.”

In the end, he has some advice for aspiring actors.

“The only way to become an actor is to get started using whatever resources you have. First, go to film school; if you can’t do that, start taking online classes and join a theatre group near you. If you can’t do it, then start reading books on acting. Once you have made up your mind, you will find resources and opportunities all around you.”

So, what’s next for this dynamic actor? While he remains tight-lipped about his next project, the buzz around town is that he will next be essaying one of the primary characters in an upcoming action series produced by Lionsgate India. To learn about his work and see what Yash gets up to in his spare time, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.