Andrew Ferebee Is On A Mission To Help 1 Million Men Become Stronger & More Grounded

Project Grounded Man aims to help men live in alignment with their values and vision to achieve their full potential.

(Andrew Ferebee)

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Ten years ago Andrew Ferebee found himself in the same position that may sound familiar. He was working a job with no great future, devastated after an unexpected breakup, struggling to find meaningful connection with other like minded men, drifting through life without a clear purpose, and asking himself a single question: “Is this all there is?” 

He knew there had to be more to life. He just didn’t know how to find it. Maybe you can relate? 

The ugly truth is that his situation was not unique. Men today are struggling more than ever before. Displaced by a rapidly shifting society glued to their phones and confused by the unfamiliar dynamics of modern relationships. 

According to the CDC, the suicide rate for men is 3.5 times higher than it is for women. Men are attending and graduating from college at a lower rate than women (NCES 2019). Men are more likely to fall prey to drug addiction (NIDA 2019). More likely to go to prison (Bureau of Justice Statistics). 25% of men under the age of 18 are growing up without fathers (US Census Bureau 2020). And men are more likely to die at an early age than women from preventable causes (CDC 2021). 

And our society’s “solutions” to these problems that push men one to do one of three things: 

  • Embody the outdated “tough guy” stereotype and act like jerks or misogynists and suppress their feelings behind a facade of false power 
  • Abandon masculinity altogether and show up as weak “nice guys” who are unable to assert themselves in the world, get their needs met, or achieve their goals
  • Numb the pain and discomfort they feel with vices, addictions, and entertainment––leading to a life of quiet desperation

Realizing that none of these paths provided the answers he needed, Andrew set out to find his own solution. Over a 10-year period, he went on a journey to uncover what it means to be a healthy, strong, and grounded man.

To do this, he interviewed over 400 life and relationship coaches along with successful entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, athletes and more who all had their own version of success.

The results were profound. Through the lessons he learned on his journey, he developed an unwavering sense of purpose, developed deeper and more meaningful relationships with both high quality women and other men, and achieved paradigm-shifting transformations in his health, career, and development as a man. 

Seeing what was possible in his own life, he decided it was time to help other men do the same. 

He started a podcast that has since received over 10 million downloads, wrote multiple best-selling books (that have sold over 150,000 copies), launched one of the most widely-read men’s personal development blogs, and created the premier coaching program for men looking to unlock their potential and show up as a more powerful, grounded person. 

In doing so, he paved a new path for modern men. One that truly creates “grounded” men who live in alignment to their values and vision who lead more fulfilling lives and impact those they love. 

The culmination of this journey is his mission to “build one million grounded men” who live and embody the grounded man’s way of life.

One million men who live in complete alignment to their values and vision. One million men who set a new standard inside of their lives, families and communities. One million men who are alive, engaged, and fully living on full throttle. One million men who know they gave their one life their all––and can look back on their experience with a smile, not regret. 

His vehicle for achieving this mission? A results-driven group coaching program named Project Grounded Man. A hyper-targeted experience––developed over more than eight years and already proven with thousands of men––designed specifically to solve the specific problems facing men in the modern world. 

An experience designed around a single belief: What one man can do, another man can do. 

The health, wealth, relationships, impact, and freedom that all men crave are accessible to those who are willing to reach out and seize them. Andrew and the thousands of men he’s served over the years are living proof of this. The only question left to answer? Are you ready to rise?