Cam J. Mitchell and Phillip Kramer On Achieving Peak Work Performance

These successful businessmen share three reasons why prime health is essential for conquering your job.

(Cam J. Mitchell and Phillip Kramer)

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Good health is right on top among people’s goals for life. It’s the oldest concept in the history of humankind that everyone aims to achieve. Ask anyone over 70; they’ll tell you that health is wealth. And while a septuagenarian may feel the pressures of ill health more than you, it doesn’t take away from its importance.

Good health is a must for the go-getters of today. With new frontiers to be conquered and new personal triumphs to be fulfilled, the one thing that today’s workforce can’t take for granted is their health. Businessmen Cam J. Mitchell and Phillip Kramer share three reasons why prime health is essential for achieving peak performance at work.

Good Health Improves Focus

Have you ever tried to focus when your brain is foggy and your eyes are gummy? It’s nearly impossible. Brain fog or any other health issue indicates that the body needs your attention. But why does the body seek your attention in this extreme fashion?

Cam J. Mitchell says, “The body goes into rebellion when its rather silent signals go unnoticed. As it watches out for itself when you’re not looking, it makes errors, and there you have it—a severe headache disrupting your entire day. If you wish to work without interruptions, you must take your health into your own hands. And you’ll see that a healthier body is akin to a healthier mind and makes all the difference when it comes to your work efficiency.”

Good Health Helps You Multitask

Take a look at your internet browser. How many tabs do you see open? If it’s more than one, you’re multitasking. For most of us, multitasking has become such a part of our daily grind that we don’t even notice it. 

Phillip Kramer adds, “It’s this unobserved sense of self that makes us take everything our good health enables us to do for granted. When you don’t feel at the peak of your health, you won’t be able to multitask. It’ll become a jumbled-up code that you aren’t able to break. As a result, your pace slows down, and work suffers.”

Good Health Helps Creative Thinking Flourish

A creative mind is found in a healthy body. Cam J. Mitchell puts it this way, “If all your energy levels drop, how will you summon the will to generate new ideas?” Phillip Kramer adds, “Your work requires you to think on your feet, to bring fresh perspectives to the table, and point issues that lesser minds overlook. These things become unachievable dreams in the face of poor health.”