Colton Lindsay: The Brain Behind Top Utah Real Estate Firm WGR

Lindsay has trained thousands of real estate agents to become six-figure earners.

(Colton Lindsay)

Presented by The WGR

The WGR is a real estate company in Utah ranked as one of North America’s top real estate business academies and masterminds. It was founded by an internationally recognized real estate sales speaker, trainer, and mastermind facilitator, Colton Lindsay.

Colton has trained thousands of agents to become six-figure earners, with his top clients generating over $400,000 a month in revenue. He also helps agents go from being business operators to business owners, create real financial freedom, and live a life they love. Colton launched The WGR nearly 18 years ago and has helped over 1,000 buyers and sellers throughout his career.

The astute realtor built the foundation of his business from proven sales techniques he learned early in his career. This led him to sell 75 homes a year as a single agent, becoming a top 1% agent by the age of 28. It also helped him build a successful real estate team, real estate brokerage, and real estate mastermind with over 1,000 agents in his national network.

Colton expressed his excitement in achieving financial freedom before his 33rd birthday, over a decade ago. This was made possible through real estate, online marketing, business building, and investing.

Colton shares that The WGR focuses on three areas; business freedom, financial freedom, and soul freedom. “Our major focus today is agent talent acquisition. I believe proximity is power, and we focus on two directions of proximity. First is the proximity that The WGR brand purchases to be around. Second, selling proximity to The WGR brand,” he shares.

“Eventually, our clients come to us to make way more money and business freedom, which we deliver on, yet we deliver even more on their soul freedom in succeeding with less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration, and succeed with even more essence, joy, excitement, peace, calm, and presence. We help people remember who they are,” the CEO added.

The WGR brand has made significant achievements over time. For instance, in 2021, they signed a partnership deal with Real Brokerage, one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in North America today, with over 500% growth in the last year. Also, The WGR Academy division recently signed a partnership deal with Kris Krohn companies, rapidly scaling our mentorship division with increasing sales volume by units and collecting sales revenue.

A real estate tycoon, Colton declared that they expect to double revenue in H2 2022 compared to H1 2022. He shared that having an advisor like Kris Krohn on board has accelerated the growth of an already 7-figure business even faster to become an 8-figure business.

According to Colton, the future of the real estate industry for agents will evolve around shifting brokerage models where more real estate agents must evolve into mentors and develop their mentorship systems. More agents will continue to want to become real estate agent influencers.

Colton states that over the next two years, they plan to own the space of teaching agents how to do it by shifting their real estate sales business skills to optimizing marketing, sales, and fulfillment in the influencer space, allowing them to get multiple revenue streams and create even more stability in a wildly uncertain future.

Additionally, Colton hopes to see the company as a $10 million a year business within three years and a $35 million a year business within the next five years.