Dating Coach Unveils The Top Challenges Faced By Men Since The Pandemic

Men’s dating coach emlovz has advice for those struggling to date successfully in the wake of the pandemic.


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The data has spoken; men are screwed in all the wrong ways. To better understand the problems men face in the post-pandemic dating scene, men’s dating coach emlovz, has surveyed 1,656 men on a range of dating topics to learn more about their romantic situation; here’s what they found. 


Men Struggle To Meet Women In Person

Between June 2021 and August 2023, emlovz conducted a survey with 1,656 respondents . Unsurprisingly, meeting women in person emerged as the top challenge, as reported by 52.8% of respondents. 

Meeting women in person has never been easy, but the challenge has compounded in the COVID-19 pandemic’s wake. Being locked away for a couple of years has done a number on all of our social skills. After not interacting with women for so long, men’s confidence and communication skills have both suffered. But let’s not pretend like the pandemic is the only culprit here. 

An overreliance on dating apps, a preference to stay indoors and binge Netflix or play video games, an increase in remote work, new rules of consensual engagement, and a lack of platonic friendships have all done a number on men’s confidence in meeting women in person.

Solution: Weekly Outings

There is no easy solution that will turn you into a social butterfly. The easiest and most effective way to get back out there is to program social events into your calendar.

Emyli Lovz, head dating coach for men and co-founder of emlovz, says, “Even if the explicit goal isn’t to meet women, men need to get back in the habit of socializing, regardless of the setting. Get out of the house by finding a new hobby, joining a meetup, and making social outings a weekly if not daily habit. Conversing with friends and strangers will refine your social skills, make you more comfortable around humans again, and naturally will see you interact with more women.”

Easier To Match With COVID Than A Female

Dating apps are like 24/7 singles bars men can access anywhere they want. It’s the ease of use that has seen 45% of men between the ages of 18 and 49 get their swipe on. 

Despite widespread usage, men also face widespread struggles, with 46.6% of respondents reporting they struggle to get matches. Even when men do get a match, 41% of men say they consistently match with incompatible women. 

Part of the reason is because online dating apps are more dominated by men than the US Senate. Tinder has nine men for every one woman. Tinder’s biggest competitor, Bumble, doesn’t fair much better with seven men to every three women. 

This sex imbalance allows women to be pickier than they otherwise would be. While the Ryan Goslings of the world consistently match with women online, those that don’t know how to craft a competitive profile survive on scraps. In spite of the odds, only 28% of men polled said they disliked dating apps. 

Solution: Give A Damn

Men love complaining about low-quality matches on dating apps. They’ll cite their grainy photos, lack of pictures, horrible bios, and boring messages. What they don’t realize is that women complain about their male counterparts in the same way. 

Thousands of men have optimized their online dating profiles with help from emlovz. Having seen thousands of profiles, they know just how little effort most men put into creating a quality profile and conversing with women online. Men who might present like a “7” in person often portray themselves as a “3” online. The majority of men don’t take the time and care to create a quality profile or send compelling messages. 

If you want more matches, try harder. 

When asked for specifics, the emlovz coaching team says men should:

  • Upload six high-quality photos that clearly show what you look like, what you do for fun and what separates you from your competition.
  • Fill out your entire profile (including bio and dating prompts) strategically with your ideal girlfriend in mind. 
  • Read the woman’s profile prior to messaging and ask an emotionally stimulating question that adds value.
  • Never message “Hey,” “How are you,” “How was your weekend,” or “Hola.”

One And Done

Exactly 25 percent of men surveyed report that their biggest dating challenge is getting past the first date. The same number of men also said they struggled to progress a relationship from the first date to a full-fledged relationship. 

It’s no surprise men are struggling to score a second date. Especially not when 43% of them reported their conversation skills were rusty. Between 2020 and 2021 men took a dating hiatus. 

Men need to realize that dating is a skill. If this skill isn’t practiced, it’ll lose its sharpness. On the flip side, one’s dating skills can be refined. 

Solution: MegaDating

The best way to shake off that rust is to date… a lot. You’ll want to date not just one, but a carousel full of women. 

MegaDating is a proactive dating approach that encourages men to date various women at the same time. In practice that looks like a coffee date on Tuesday with Sammy, bowling on Friday with Andrea, and brunch with Katie on Sunday. MegaDating is like speed dating but slower and way less awkward. 

Dating so many women simultaneously will help refine your dating skills, boost confidence, make you impervious to rejection blues, and is wicked fun. Not to mention the fact that it’s basically a cheat code to quickly find the perfect partner. 

Your Dating Blueprint

The pandemic was the biggest wet blanket known to man. This involuntary dating celibacy has knocked men off course from finding a super compatible partner. Get back on track by following this emlovz-approved blueprint. 

Become A Multi-Faceted Bachelor

The pandemic made us all fatter, depressed, poorly dressed, and socially inept. 

Pinpoint the areas you need to develop. If you gained that pandemic-15 and still haven’t taken it off, start eating better and hit the gym. If you traded in all your leather shoes for Crocs, consult a stylist and up your wardrobe. And if you have the social skills of a kindergartener, get off Zoom, open your mouth, and start connecting with human beings in person. 

Find A Community

Being a single man is lonely, but sometimes, just being a man can be lonely. According to emlovz’s data, 15% of men report not having a single close friend. This loneliness epidemic started before the pandemic and has no end in sight. How can men expect to attract their ideal partner if they’re not the ideal version of themselves?

We can’t rely on Dr. Fauci for a vaccine, but it turns out we already have one. Take it upon yourself to find your people. Find a community that understands you, resonates with you, and that you enjoy spending time with. 

If you’re unsure where to look, check out the emlovz community, where male students have come together to form a tight-knit group of like-minded men who share similar goals and experiences. It’s this shared desire to improve dating skills and ultimately find a long-term relationship that lead to organically bonding with one another and forming a lifelong brotherhood. 

Practice Makes You Perfect… And A Sexy Beast

Dating is a learn-as-you-go process. The first date you go on won’t be perfect, but when you MegaDate you’ll quickly sharpen those skills. But wouldn’t it be great if you could simulate a first date and receive feedback? You could always ask a friend to go on a mock date but that might send the wrong message.

Another option is to go on a date but frame it as a practice date. Maybe you’re not over the moon about the woman you’re seeing, but this isn’t about finding the one, rather, it’s an opportunity to practice your charm. Or you could date a professional who specializes in mock dates.  Men’s dating coach emlovz offers men the chance to fine-tune their dating skills on mock dates with specialists. After the date you’ll receive a detailed scorecard of what worked and what areas need improving. 


The pandemic is now behind us, but its impact lingers. If you’re reading this, my message is to keep the faith. Keep that swipe finger strong and if you’re struggling to meet women, follow the expert advice laid out here or team up with a pro.