DeWalt Is Driving Changes With Its Innovative New EV Charger

The power tool stalwart’s new charger and accompanying smartphone app serve the broader EV owner market without sacrificing reliability or robustness.


Presented by Sara Smith

The automotive industry stands at the cusp of a monumental shift driven by an urgent need for sustainable alternatives. We’ve heard it said: Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. As environmental consciousness grows, the road ahead is clear: EVs are not just the future; they are already reshaping the present. Governments are setting ambitious targets to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles, and major automakers are pivoting toward electric models. However, the transition to electric goes beyond just the vehicles—it is about the entire ecosystem, notably the charging infrastructure. 

“The Federal Government has set a goal to make half of all new vehicles sold in the US in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles and to build a convenient and equitable network of 500,000 chargers to help make EVs accessible to all Americans for both local and long-distance trips,” reports the US Department of Transportation. “All Americans, regardless of where they live, should have the opportunity to benefit from the lower operating costs, reduced maintenance needs, and improved performance EVs provide.” 

For EVs to become a mainstay, there is also a need for robust, accessible, and reliable residential EV chargers. The recent launch of a new line of chargers by DeWalt, a stalwart in the power tools domain, underscores the burgeoning innovations to address the charging problem. An industry leader with decades of experience, DeWalt has revolutionized the electric chargers industry and set a new standard by addressing common consumer concerns around EVs. 


Range anxiety is one of the major challenges users face. When most people think of electric cars and electric chargers, they visualize Tesla and its pricey products. While more brands with excellent products have entered the market, there is still a huge demand for quality chargers serving a broader market. That is the gap DeWalt seeks to fill with their EV chargers. As a DeWalt rep explains, addressing consumer concerns is more than about increasing the number of chargers. The solution involves enhancing the charging experience with faster charging times, user-friendly interfaces, and smart charging solutions, allowing consumers to manage their charging schedules and costs effectively. 

The DeWalt EV Charger App solves several problems at once. First, it allows consumers to charge during off-peak hours, providing a practical solution to the fear of soaring electric bills. The app’s cost-monitoring feature empowers users with real-time data on their spending per charge. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to downgrade the charge, if necessary, to manage costs effectively. This level of transparency not only alleviates concerns over escalating utility bills but also enhances the overall EV ownership experience. 

Another prevailing concern is the safety of EVs, often spurred by stories of electric vehicles catching fire. DeWalt addresses this fear head-on with over ten technologically advanced safety features in their EV chargers. These include overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, surge protection, leakage protection, ground protection, circuit temperature sensors, lightning protection, electrostatic protection, and fireproof construction. Such comprehensive safety measures underscore DeWalt’s commitment to delivering not just a product but a safe and reliable charging solution. 


“We feature the best specs found in competitors all in one unit,” the DeWalt rep explains. With the increased demand for greener energy solutions, demand for well-designed EV chargers will not go down soon, but there is hope. As more innovators step into this space, the road toward a fully electrified transport sector looks promising, signaling a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with automotive technology.