5 Laws Of Personal Branding, According To Digital Marketer Michael Starks

Personal branding helps you control your own narrative and introduce yourself in the best light possible.

(Michael Starks)

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In today’s world, a personal brand is important for success. Personal branding helps you control the narrative about yourself online and offline and introduce yourself in the best light possible, making it easier to boost your sales. But how do you build a solid personal brand? Michael Starks, a branding expert, shares the five laws of personal branding.

Michael is an entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist. He has been in the marketing industry for over ten years, an experience he says inspired him to start his agency. He failed at personal branding for many years as he did it incorrectly. It wasn’t until he discovered the world of PR and learned how to utilize the media to gain traction online that he managed to grow his brand and work with well-known celebrities, musicians, and real estate professionals. His unique approach to branding now sets him apart. 

Here are the five laws of personal branding that everyone should know, according to Michael Starks:

Always Tell Your Story 

One of the important factors of having a personal brand is that it helps you stand out from the competition. Michael explains that telling your story will help consumers or employers notice your product/service. Stories are an excellent basis for long-term relationships. They help you build trust with your audience as they know more about who you are and what you have to offer.

Stories also make you relatable. Michael explains that how well you deliver your story can help you drive more interest and increase your sales and engagement.


There are different careers, including content creation, real estate, and acting. You can also have more than one passion, says Michael. However, it is best that you concentrate on what you are good at. The same applies when creating your personal brand.

Michael explains taking a stand and believing in a particular cause/mission helps you build an audience that trusts you. It also makes it easier for potential customers to locate you. 

Be Consistent

A personal brand is more than a logo. It is the overall business reputation from customer reviews to the brand story, says Michael. But without a consistent message, your brand carries zero meaning.

He explains building a powerful solid brand is not a one-time process. It takes time, and the more you deliver the same message to your audience, the easier it is to generate more sales and keep others loyal to you. When building your personal brand, it is therefore important that your content matches your mission and what your audience knows you for. 

Build a Vast Network of Contacts

According to Michael, networking is one of the fastest ways to build your personal brand. Many people judge you by your circle of friends, and creating trusted interpersonal connections can help you gain more traction and credibility, says Michael.

He notes that finding a way to collaborate with already established brands and personalities can help you increase your reach and overall strengthen your brand. You can start off with your existing network and later work at building more extensive networks like renowned brands and celebrities.

Be Omnipresent

Most people tend to focus on some platforms and forget the others as they believe getting clients on those sites is almost impossible. On the contrary, your audience is everywhere. 

You can get a potential client anywhere on the internet, says Michael, and to ensure you do not miss out on an opportunity, you should be everywhere!