DJ Khaled & Aurezzi Join Forces For 24K Gold-Plated Toothbrush

Aurezzi’s luxe toothbrush sets the gold standard with more than 5,000 bristles for superior plaque removal.


Presented by Aurezzi

An oral care revolution spearheaded by a new luxury brand, Aurezzi, is literally worth its weight in gold. Yet the introduction of a gold toothbrush and gold-infused oral care products is not just about aesthetics; it also signals a movement toward an indulgent oral hygiene ritual.

Just as Rolls Royce and Ferrari promise a peak driving experience, Aurezzi represents oral care that brushes past the pack. It’s designed for individuals who not only prioritize personal care but also desire to begin and end each day with a touch of luxury.  


Leave it to an unconventional healthcare leader to embark on this adventure. Entrepreneur and dentist Noel Abdayem started Aurezzi after his notable success with the sustainable oral care brand The Humble Co. Now, with Aurezzi’s co-founders, Joakim Grip and Alexander Ruckemann, Abdayem is filling a niche in the oral care market that had remained untouched: luxury.

“A few years back, I was meeting with a big player in the luxury products scene, and I realized that there’s a whole world of luxury oral care waiting to be explored,” Abdayem reflected. This insight led to the birth of Aurezzi and the start of an unlikely revolution. Aurezzi stands out with its unparalleled commitment to combining luxury with functionality.


The brand’s flagship product, the 24-karat gold-plated toothbrush, features an octagonal handle for a precise grip and more than 5,000 bristles for superior plaque removal. Priced at $59, it’s the ultimate combination of sophistication and personal care. 

Renowned Grammy-winning artist and music industry mogul DJ Khaled has been the face of the brand since it launched last month. When envisioning a celebrity who embodies a luxury lifestyle, DJ Khaled was the immediate choice for Abdayem.


“With the help of our creative agency, Hollywood Branded, we were able to get DJ Khaled to not only join Aurezzi as an ambassador but also as a stakeholder,” he explains. “His unmatched success, strong work ethic, and motivational energy are all qualities we deeply admire.” 

For those who want to go full-on glitter, Aurezzi has also introduced a toothpaste enriched with 24K gold particles and hydroxyapatite, a modified bone mineral. At $39, this toothpaste embodies the brand’s ethos of blending glamour with oral health benefits.


The mouthwash, another gem in the collection also priced at $39, offers a refreshing mint mix of unparalleled luxury and dental superiority. Crafted in Switzerland, Aurezzi’s products are designed to open minds (and mouths) to the exciting possibilities that come with a delightful oral care experience.

Beyond the gold-infused products and their luxurious appeal, Aurezzi distinguishes itself in the oral care industry through a unique fusion of sophistication, craftsmanship, and functionality. Compared to the drug-store standard of 2,000 bristles, the Aurezzi toothbrush boasts 5,000.


 But Aurezzi’s ambition doesn’t stop at aesthetics. “Not only are we locking in high-profile retail partners, but we also have plans to expand our oral care product range,” Abdayem projects.  

“It’s truly just the beginning, and the future looks golden.”