Elena Asher On Building A Booming Eyelash Business

The entrepreneur, eyelash extension artist, and educator behind LashMakers opens up about overcoming business growing pains.

(Elena Asher)

Presented by Amir Bakian

Entrepreneurship is not long a male-dominated space. However, a fresh tribe of iron ladies is changing the scenario around the world with their confidence, ambition, and skills. These women are not only contributing to the development of the socio-economic position in society but also helping more women become financially independent.

Elena Asher, the entrepreneur, eyelash extension artist, and educator, is helping women with resources and knowledge to build a solid career in the beauty industry. Being in the eyelash extension business for over a decade, Elena Asher understands that it is a million-dollar industry, still in its growing phase and with room for talented and aspiring women. 

Elena Asher founded LashMakers 12 years ago and has since witnessed consistent growth. Many theories have proved that long eyelashes are attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Dark long lashes open up the eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. This is why eyelashes can enhance the features of eyes of any color or shape. Needless to say, this tiny accessory has become an indispensable part of the make-up and cosmetic industry. 

LashMakers continues to cater to the varied demands of eyelash artists in more than 57 countries. The company has already introduced a professional line of 118 products that stand out in quality and aesthetic appeal. Besides offering an exclusive collection of eyelashes, Elena Asher also owns and manages LashMakers service studio/ pro shop in Downtown Miami. It is an academy that educates women on eyelash artistry and the financial aspect of the beauty industry. Through this academy, Asher is helping women kick start their businesses in eyelash artistry and become financially free. 

LashMakers stands out among other eyelash-making companies as a platform providing necessary education and resources to women. The company assists women in every step of the eyelash extension business right from its start to scaling it up into a brand. This noble initiative by Asher has been recognized on several platforms. She is an international speaker at various events in the beauty industry and has been a judge at several competitions. 

Such success and recognition did not come to Asher without a price. She worked to overcome a series of challenges at every step of her career to become what she is today. As Asher started gaining expertise as an artist and learning the industry’s business side, she faced new challenges at every level. Rather than adopting a perspective of these challenges as a hurdle, Asher considered them an opportunity to learn and grow.

Now she wants all women aspiring to grow a business in this industry to follow in her footsteps. Asher believes that a business grows with discipline and love. While discipline will motivate you to learn and grow consistently, loving what you do will help you find a purpose.

Elena Asher wants to see LashMakers scaling higher in the coming years, expanding its line of products to help eyelash artists globally. She also hopes to reach more and more passion-driven women through LashMakers academy, educating them about this rapidly growing industry while also helping them develop the skills to stay ahead.