Elevate Customs Designs Luxury Gaming Tables For High-End Homes

Elevate Customs CEO Lorraine Spektor leads her company in building handcrafted poker, pool and other game tables.

(Lorraine Spektor)

Presented by Nick Kasmik

Suppose you consider yourself a sports enthusiast who’s particularly interested in board games and wants a designer table to match your high-end home. In that case, the Elevate Customs is the right brand for you. With a wide range of exquisite pool tables to choose from, you are sure to find something perfect for luxury gaming. And if not, Elevate Customs will only build you one. 

Elevate Customs is a leading brand that combines unsurpassed aesthetics and durability to create amazing gaming tables for its clients. For Lorraine Spektor, founding partner and CEO, luxury gaming tables are more than just furniture. They are a symbol of a relationship. “We specialize in creating beautiful tables that fit their owners perfectly,” she says.  

Elevate Customs operates with the belief that every client’s imagination can be applied, and their products can be made exactly the way they want. 

(Lorraine Spektor)

Lorraine revealed that the whole idea of ​​Elevate Customs was born out of necessity. A lover of gaming and quality time with her family, Lorraine was hard-pressed to find a company that made custom tables that defined any space. But with Elevate Customs entering the market, standards have been raised, and clients now have choices in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and custom-built. 

Lorraine says it’s nice to know that their posh tables can be part of the happy stories of families coming together. According to her, having a game table at home can be a source of lasting bonding, as it will be a good reason for families to always gather around the dinner table to have a good time with the family. 

To succeed in business, Lorraine says you need to be determined and clear about your service. When she founded her company, Lorraine deliberately sought to incorporate elegance, craftsmanship, and detail into every piece of furniture she made. To succeed in business, Lorraine says you need to be purposeful and clear about the service you serve and who your clients are. 

She also wants to fill the gap she sees in the market, where people are often forced into buying commercially available gaming tables. Lorraine feels that people can decide what they want their table to look like and set it up for them. So that’s what she started doing, using her previous experience in the furniture manufacturing business. 

“We never had a chance to find what we needed and decided to fill that void and aim to be the sole supplier of these custom game pieces,” said Lorraine. “We are a custom-built brand where each client’s imagination can be applied, and their work created exactly the way they want it.” 

It turned out to be a wise business decision. These days, Lorraine finds herself fulfilled, enjoying what she does so much that she is happy to respond to client requests at all times of the day. 

“Most of the clients I work with know they can call us at any time,” she says. “It is gratifying to provide a piece of modern art with the perfect function to bring the whole family together.” 

Lorraine has achieved considerable success in her chosen field thanks to her hard work and creativity. Lorraine has pushed herself to succeed as an entrepreneur.

More than luck or blind chance, she attributes success mainly to her dedication, focus, and perseverance. “I don’t believe any company has a smooth path,” she says, but notes that the most important thing is to love what you do and believe in it. Another great feeling from providing high-quality products and services to your clients is the feedback you get. 

“We are always overwhelmed by how wonderful it is to follow our passions,” says Lorraine. “We love what we do. At Elevate, we go through a comprehensive and complex quality control process every step of the way. Since these are all unique pieces, attention to detail is a must!”