Endocrinology Experts Mariya Rusalenko & Mohamed Wisham On Controlling The Aging Process

A proper lifestyle, mental state, and dieting culture are key to slowing the clock of aging and preventing many systemic diseases.

(Marina Zemiliakova/Valentine Kukolev)

Presented by Neil Davis

The cosmetic medicine industry has been growing for years and become a hugely profitable industry. But competitive markets focused on the human desire for youthfulness has often led to unethical practices. The biggest factor that shapes our behaviors is the information we receive. If this information is incorrect, it can have long-term negative consequences.

“The digital world with unmoderated swathes of information in multinational digital platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook poses more of a public health threat than most communicable diseases we have today,” said Dr. Mohamed Wisham, M.D., in a joint interview with Prof. Mariya Rusalenko, Ph.D. Both are experts in human endocrinology.

(Marina Zemiliakova/Valentine Kukolev)

“As we have mentioned before, the urges and addictions of people easily deviate them to believe the easier, cheaper, and faster paths to achieve a youthful glow, it’s human nature. But we all, as medical professionals, are obligated to guide people to select the right paths to achieve this. It’s much cheaper, healthier, and keeps you away from diseases. And with a little effort, it is long-lasting,” noted Prof. Rusalenko.

Prof. Rusalenko and Dr. Wisham hail from the Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology; a complex research facility built to monitor and assess the Chernobyl disaster.

“We have been involved in research for 25 years on, and the most important thing we realize in the end is that the biggest impact comes with educating people from what we know, Just the basics can make a huge difference.” 

In response to the challenges ahead, Dr. Wisham stated that “healthcare professionals do not have the weight or platforms to disseminate the information, and authorities today need to come up with ways to identify the non-verified misinformation in healthcare. Twitter has recently started the community notes, it is a good step in terms of verification of information, but there is a long way to go.”

“We can make a difference if we re-wire ourselves on how we assimilate and trust information, adhering more to research from accredited organizations.”

(Marina Zemiliakova/Valentine Kukolev)

Both doctors recently launched their book, Hormones and Preserving Youth, which was written based on their own professional experiences and what they believe patients and people need to konw. The book explains how a proper lifestyle, mental state, and dieting culture are key to slowing the clock of aging and preventing many systemic diseases.

Their work on the book and drive to educate the public health has been praised by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, academics, and public health officials.